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Getting Involved

Whether you’re a Parent, Student, Teacher, School Administrator, or Community Member, there are a number of ways you can get involved and get this initiative rolling in your neighbourhood.

Browse our Active School Travel Activity Calendar for some inspiration on how to make walking and wheeling to school or the bus stop fun all year round! Various active activities and events (webinars, worldwide active initiatives, conferences, etc.) are also posted in our calendar throughout the year. You can even submit your own activity ideas and events for the calendar!

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Helpful Resources To Help You Get Started

This printable how-to guide teaches you how to organize a Community Walkabout in your neighbourhood.
This interactive map shows you the walk/wheel distances from your school. You might be surprised to learn how close you really are.
This classroom activity uses distance goals to get students walking/wheeling around the school yard and community.
This printable calendar provides ideas to help keep you motivated to actively travel to school throughout the school year.