Bike to School Week is May 30 to June 3!

Bike to School Week kicks off Bike Month on May 30th!

Communities that embrace active school travel help their kids lead healthier lifestyles and improve their school performance, while also reducing traffic and pollution and making school zones safer for vulnerable road users. Also, being able to bike to school with your friends is just plain fun!

Running May 30 to June 3, Bike to School Week invites students in Ontario to celebrate the joy and possibilities of riding a bike!

Schools in Ontario are encouraged to register for Bike to School Week using the online form. Registrants will receive resources and materials to help organize bike-friendly events in a school environment.

General resources for cycling with children and youth are also available on the Bike Month website.

Erica EmeryBike to School Week is May 30 to June 3!
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Spring into Spring

Educators can help their students start the Spring season off in a healthy and active way by participating in Spring into Spring and taking class outside!

Spring into Spring (SiS) is an annual celebration of the new season, encouraging participants to spend more time being active outdoors throughout the month of April.

Use Ophea’s Fitness Activity Bingo Sheet to lead your class through a series of exercises like hops, jumps, and skips.

Submit your BINGO sheet using the submission form. Submissions with a partially completed BINGO sheet (4 activities in a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) will be entered to win a hard copy version of Ophea’s 50 Fitness Activity Cards! Submissions with a completed BINGO sheet (16 activities) will be entered to win a $200 e-gift card to the Outdoor Learning Store! 

Check out the Ontario Active School Travel website to learn more and access additional resources.

Erica EmerySpring into Spring
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Help Promote Active School Travel at Your School!

Become a Generation Green Youth Stakeholder!

Join Generation Green as a youth stakeholder and help plan the 2021-22 conference, project and more. Youth stakeholders provide ideas, input, and feedback to create their vision for the program. Click here to sign up!

Students who join Generation Green will be asked to implement an initiative in their community that will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Students will receive volunteer hours and a Certificate of Completion, and will be eligible to win prizes. Students are also encouraged to align their initiatives with a school or science fair project. These projects will also look great on a resume or college/university application! 

This Year’s Theme is Active Transportation

The theme for the 2021-22 school year is Active Transportation, which is a big part of the climate change solution.

This is because active transportation:

  • gives us an opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis
  • is accessible to Canadians and increases community connections
  • reduces road congestion
  • contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • saves money on gas and parking

Click here to learn more about this year’s theme.

Generation Green is hosting multiple free active transportation webinars in December 2021!
Learn more here.

What is Generation Green?

Generation Green is a youth led initiative with the goal of engaging Halton students in climate action leadership, and supporting them in their commitment to greenhouse gas emission reductions in order to drive change and action in their communities.

Erica EmeryHelp Promote Active School Travel at Your School!
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Check out our 2021-22 Walk & Roll Events Calendar!

To help keep you motivated to use active transportation all year long, we have created an event calendar that highlights specific holidays, events and activities that you can participate in with fellow community members and stay active together!

We are always adding new events, so check back often!

Got room on your fridge? A printable version of the calendar is also available.

Erica EmeryCheck out our 2021-22 Walk & Roll Events Calendar!
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Are you close enough to actively travel to your destination?

Our new interactive Walk & Roll Map application allows students, parents, and school administrators, to find their school on a map and estimate how long it would take for them to walk or bike to school.

Input your destinations into our Walk & Roll Map and see if they are any active travel options you can utilize.

You’re closer than you think! 

Erica EmeryAre you close enough to actively travel to your destination?
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