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Parent & Student Resources

We know families lead increasingly busy lives, and it’s no easy feat to get all your family members dressed, fed, and out the door and on time for school and work in the morning. This can result in children being driven by their parents instead of them walking or wheeling to school or the bus stop.

Our goal is to provide families with useful resources that will help integrate walking/wheeling to school (or the bus stop) into the morning routine. The tremendous benefits of walking/wheeling vs. driving to school are undeniable.

Only 35% of Canadian children achieve the daily recommended amount of physical activity1

  • Activity and exercise have been shown to result in higher academic performance1
  • Physical activity improves focus and concentration1  and self-confidence and positive emotions2
  • Children who exercise experience reduced stress, depression and anxiety2
  • Walking to school exposes youth to lower concentrations of air pollutants than driving3
  • This lack of activity can be linked to adverse effects such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes1


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