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Active Travel Trip Counter

The Active Travel Trip Counter App allows students, parents, and school administrators, to submit the distance students actively travel to and from school. This information is then displayed in a variety of ways, including by school and board comparisons.

Please note that only schools who have had trips submitted will show up in the drop-down menu.

Determine The Amount of Metres You Traveled

Trip Counter Map (No Address Needed)

One way you can determine the amount of metres you traveled is to use the Measurement Map Tab that is on our Active Travel Trip Counter App.

  1. Click on the white ruler icon (top left of the map)
  2. In the pop-up, click on the brown ruler icon
  3. Zoom in on the map to find the starting location of your trip
  4. Click once on your starting location
  5. Click once to create a pivot point for any turns along the way
  6. Double click on your final destination
  7. Under Measurement Result, your total number of metres traveled will be displayed

Google Maps (Address Needed)

If you have the address of your starting and ending locations, you can use Google Maps to get your total kilometres traveled. Since the Active Travel Trip Counter uses metres, you will need to convert kilometres to metres using the formula: 1 kilometre = 1,000 metres (km x 1000 = m)

Convert Various Units of Measurement to Metres

Use the Unit Converter Tab to convert various units of measurement to metres.

  1. Select “Length” as the Unit Type
  2. Enter the number of units you travelled
  3. Enter the type of measurement you know (kilometre, foot, yard, etc.)
  4. Convert to “Meter”
  5. Your total number of metres travelled will show at the bottom

Submit Your Trip

You can submit your trip via the Input Metres Traveled Tab

  1. Enter the date of the trip
  2. Select the school board you belong to, and if you are elementary or secondary
  3. Select the school you attend
  4. Select the mode of transportation you used, and any subsequent questions
  5. Click Submit

Analyze Your School’s Results

There are five sections in the Active Travel Trip Counter app that display different results in real time. Selecting a school from the drop-down menu at the top right of the app will filter the results of each section to pertain to that specific school only.

1. Board Comparison
A chart (top left) that compares school travel totals from both Halton school boards.
→ Use the arrows below this section to scroll through additional board comparison graphs.

2. Total Metres Traveled
An odometer (bottom left) that displays how close our community is to reaching our active travel goal.
→ Use the tab below this section to view the total in kilometres.

3. How Are You Getting to School Actively?
A chart (bottom center) displaying the popularity of various modes of active travel.
→ Use the tabs below this section to view the modes of travel in more detailed breakdowns.

4. Top 10 Schools
A chart (bottom right) that showcases the schools with the highest accumulation of active travel.
→ Use the arrows below this section to scroll through additional top school breakdowns.

5. Active Travel vs. Driving
A comparison between metres traveled actively, versus non-actively (driving).
→ Use the tabs below this section to view a breakdown of modes of transportation.

Submit your trip details now to support active travel at your school!