Check out our 2019-20 Walk & Roll Events Calendar!

To help keep you motivated to use active transportation all year long, we have created an event calendar that highlights specific holidays, events and activities that you can participate in with fellow community members and stay active together!

We are always adding new events, so check back often!

Got room on your fridge? A printable version of the calendar is also available.

Erica EmeryCheck out our 2019-20 Walk & Roll Events Calendar!
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Summer has arrived! Make the most of it with these helpful resources!

Summer is here!

Time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Luckily for us, Halton Region offers countless hiking trails, cycling routes, parks, and events to help keep you active all season long.

Share your active adventures with us by tweeting @EMCHalton!

Hiking Resources

Erica EmerySummer has arrived! Make the most of it with these helpful resources!
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Bike to School Week 2019 is May 27-31!

Bike to School Week is the kick-off event to Bike Month, May 27 – June 30, a healthy active living initiative. Students are encouraged to use active forms of transportation such as riding bikes or scooters and walking or rolling to school or bus stops.

Schools that register their activities for Bike to School Week are eligible to win prizes!

New to this year, the City of Burlington and the Town of Oakville will be raffling off outdoor bike pumps to schools that are participating in the event, so be sure to register!

Share your school’s Bike to School Week efforts on Twitter using the hashtags: #biketoschoolHCDSB #biketoschool #EMCHalton

For more information, follow @EMCHalton @HCDSB_eco @EcoSchoolsHDSB on Twitter!

Erica EmeryBike to School Week 2019 is May 27-31!
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Let’s get moving Halton!

There is a lot to look forward to this spring and summer Halton Region! As the spring starts to warm up, and the summer days start shining through; it’s time to get outside and get moving. Did you know that getting as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can deliver huge benefits for our bodies? From biking/walking with friends and family, to playing sports throughout the day, getting outside and being active will provide your bodies with huge benefits. Here are some examples of the benefits that could help boost your health and well-being.

  1. Increased heart health
    Lifelong heart health begins with the habits we build as children and youth – by exercising for 30 minutes a day you keep your heart happy and the blood flow moving – so hop, skip, run or bike on the school journey!

  2. Helps keep you in shape
    By exercising for 30 minutes a day you can keep your growing body strong and in shape. As you stick with it you will start a great routine for the future.

  3. Reduces stress levels and mood booster
    If you’re having, or have had a rough day at school/work, exercising will increase your brain activity and the positive chemicals in your brain. This will help reduce your stress levels and help create a strong mental capacity.

  4. Improves your memory
    School can be tough! Going for a nice 30 minute bike ride with friends and family can help boost your memory and help you remember all the information you’re learning.

  5. Gives you an energy booster
    After a long day everyone feels their tank hitting empty. Instead of going inside and sitting on the couch, get outside and get your body moving! Those 30 minutes of exercise will help get oxygen and nutrients to your brain and muscles while giving your body the shakeup it needs to stay energized.

  6. Stirs up creativity
    Having trouble with a project? Can’t figure out a problem? Taking a half hour break and going for a walk or bike ride, will help get your creative juices flowing and can give you the inspiration you need to get that work done.

  7. Helps improve confidence
    Some days you may feel like you’re in the dumps. However, if you take the time to get active and get outside, those sunny rays will kick out those gloomy feelings and will have you feeling better than ever.
Erica EmeryLet’s get moving Halton!
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Winter Walk Day – February 2019

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, all Halton schools were closed on Winter Walk Day. Students and school staff are encouraged to pick ANY DAY during the month of February to be their rescheduled Winter Walk Day!


Schools across the province will be participating in Winter Walk Day on February 6, 2019.

A great way to celebrate active winter travel is by holding an activity or event in your school community. Visit Ontario Active School Travel’s website for activity ideas and resources to help you plan and promote your Winter Walk Day events.

Register your school’s activities for a chance to win a prize!

Schools can share their Winter Walk Day experiences on Twitter using hashtags #WinterWalkDay and #emcHalton.

Follow us @EMCHalton to keep up to date on Winter Walk Day and much more!

Erica EmeryWinter Walk Day – February 2019
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Are you close enough to actively travel to your destination?

Our new interactive Walk & Roll Map app allows students, parents, and school administrators, to find their school on a map and estimate how long it would take for them to walk or bike to school.

Input your destinations into our Walk & Roll Map app and see if they are any active travel options you can utilize.

You’re closer than you think! 

Erica EmeryAre you close enough to actively travel to your destination?
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